Please visit my LinkedIn profile to view my professional profile. Also, my Twitter feed for a rundown of my online presence. Here is my educational philosophy (pdf) detailing my educational beliefs. Download my resume.  See samples of my professional writing on my blog.

Here is my professional bio blurb….

David Deubelbeiss, B.Ed., M.Ed. (TEFL), is an educational leader in the field of Web 2.0 learning, TESOL and an avid creator of instructional material. He is a social media leader – teacher online and supports communities of teachers with his knowledge and resources. He is the creator of the news portal for TEFL – ELT Buzz. He shares his resources through his online community of thousands of teachers – ELT BUZZ. Also find him at the web’s largest LinkedIn group for English teachers – ELT Professionals, a group he created and fostered. He has a simple teaching philosophy of inspiring both teachers and learners, believing “when one teaches, two learn”.

An interview at the recent TESOL Colombia national conference (2019) after a plenary – Teaching English In English.

Here is a nice slideshow telling you more about who I am (a picture tells a thousand words!).


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