I have taught graduate courses in curriculum design and consider writing my true “metier’. I enjoy designing materials and sharing my knowledge. Find samples of the materials I’ve designed and written on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources and on my ELT Buzz Video Lessons platform.

Here are just a few of the projects I’ve completed and shared with teachers around the world.

  1. Teach | Learn coursebook.  A full multilevel coursebook for English language learners based on the Student Created Content approach.
  2. The 4 Skills Of English.  A 4 coursebook series produced for Bridge Education for teacher professional development.
  3. Zen and the Act of Teaching.  A reflective teaching journal used by many pre and in-service teacher colleges and universities.
  4. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Teacher.  Complete book of essays on education, language and teaching.
  5. EnglishCentral 4 Skills Blended learning textbooks.  As senior editor, I worked with a group of writers to write, design and edit both epub and traditional multi-level textbooks for teaching English.
  6. The Basic TESOL Certificate Course. Completed by 1,000s of teachers, it is an introductory video-based course on the basic principles of how to teach English. I’ve also written several other training courses for teacher professional development.
  7. Blogs. I”m proud of my almost 15 years of constant blogging. 1,000s of comprehensive posts. At EnglishCentral I designed and wrote all the blog posts.  My public blog has won many awards and is constantly referenced. On EFL Classroom 2.0 I’ve maintained a blog on teaching for 10+ years.  I also publish newsletters monthly for teachers and maintain an online magazine constantly updated with new articles and content.
  8. Curriculum for teachers.  I constantly produce high-quality lessons for teachers. Ranging from all the books on Gif Lingua to Video Lessons to the huge directory of printables and digital resources at ELT Buzz Teaching Resources. 

This is only a glimpse of what I’ve written as a materials designer and educator.  I work hard because I love what I do …. nothing better than seeing your materials used successfully in a class and helping to make the world a better place.


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