I’m a firm believer in the power of technology to help English language learners.

Besides projects already mentioned I’ve built many of my own tools to help learners. Some have failed or didn’t last the test of time, others still stand and work.  I’m always excited to create better ed. tech!  See a few recent tools I’ve created HERE. 

I really think ed. tech products for ELLs must borrow from special education and the lessons they’ve learned. The second lang. brain IS a disabled brain and thus needs modifications and support built with this in mind.

Some notable things I’ve developed:

  1. Chatterbots using AIML
  2. Karaoke.  Pioneer in developing and training teachers to use in class.
  3. GifLingua.  Reading platform curating online gifs.
  4. Resource platforms.  ELT Buzz Teaching Resources – digital assignments.
  5. Online Generators.  Teachers access and get instant prompts for student discusssion.
  6. Videoconferencing.  Early user and developer of Big Blue Button.
  7. Moodle.  Early adopter (2004) and contributor to code and development.
  8. Online courses.  Used by thousands of teachers and students. My own build.
  9. PPT games and scripts.  Used by zillions of teachers. BAAM, Top 5 and more ….
  10. Certificates with Google Docs.  Using Autocrat – created auto certificate generation.

I have developed many online applications that allow students to practice English online with “bots”, computer-animated figures that respond back in real time, just like a person (well almost).

I’ve done a lot in the area of how applications for the learning disabled can be used by English language teachers – it remains a passion.

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