I’ve been an avid runner for over 40 years. I still run and win open races! It’s not exactly in education, my field, but I do consider running “an accomplishment” and what has made me into what I am today. All that made me into a great runner remains with me as an individual doing a job:  commitment to the end, routine, being nice, enjoying the ride, excelling and reaching goals etc …..

I ran for Canada as an ultramarathoner for many years. Unbeaten as a Canadian over 100 kilometers. I also set 2 Guinness World Records (24 hours treadmill and 100km treadmill) while raising millions of dollars for the Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. I have had the honor to public speak about my running and travel the world as a runner. I even ran a large charitable foundation fighting childhood obesity – For The Love Of Kids.

Even to this day I get up early, go running and work while walking all day on the treadmill ….. Life’s success isn’t so much about winning but about maintenance, doing quality stuff, day in and day out …. I’m a hedgehog not a fox (to quote from Isaiah Berlin)

Here are a few articles about me.

Treadmill Champ Inspires Kids To Be Fit  |   Roadrunning Magazine: David    |  Sick Kids Hospital 24 hour Charity Run |    Runner’s World  | Men’s Health |   I found this on an old hard drive. Speech I gave way back when, when I had my 15 minutes of fame. Breakfast Of Champions. Breakfast of Champions YMCA Speech  

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